"The Next Next-Generation in Mobile Security Technology"

The Solution

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Active Cyberprotection:
The Ultra Secure Solutions Difference


Ultra Secure Solutions has developed a mobile security solution that protects smartphones, tablets or any other mobile device from from being hacked in real time- actually stopping the loss of data from leaving the device.

The USS security software is a comprehensive cyber-security solution that protects the entire mobile device, including the operating system, applications, and data storage.

Summary of the USS Cyber Security System: 

  • USS uses multi-dimensional data and behavioral analytics with metadata analysis to react to or block a cyber-attack in real time - basically it knows when it is you (using your mobile device) and when device behavior indicates that it is a threat.

  • USS  protects mobile and IoT devices against greater than 99% of the security threats emanating from the Internet - the main route for hackers, in real-time.

  • The USS security solution takes an existing mobile device running the Android or iOS operating system and adds a layer of encrypted security software combined with secure cloud storage protected by active firewalls backed up by 24/7 security monitoring through an Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC).  

  • This system, comprised of multiple inventive elements, not just a hardware or software solution, enables USS to provide a proactive and rapid interventionist approach to cybersecurity known as SECaaS™ (Security as a Service™).

  • USS technology changes the current cybersecurity dynamic by stopping an attack on a mobile or IoT device as it’s happening in real time, before any data is lost or stolen.

USS has filed its first patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its solution and has developed a first stage working prototype of its solution that has validated the initial design and algorithms.  


  • The USS approach to cyber security: SECaaS (Security as a Service), not just a hardware or software solution alone.

  • If a threat is detected, it can be blocked immediately, before any damage is done. The use of data analytics in real time to protect a mobile device represents the next generation in mobile security technology.

  • USS has created a revolutionary approach to mobile security that protects mobile devices  from 99% of internet based security threats and actively monitors the mobile device in real- time to block attacks as they occur. (While preserving battery life)
  • The USS is also designed to evolve beyond mobile devices to the Internet of   things including the next-gen car and intelligent home.
  • The USS™ team of  experts (ISOC, CSIRT, and, CTAC™) provides “Active Cyberprotection™” by detecting your problem immediately, identifying the actual perpetrator, and taking appropriate action.  No other company offers this service.
  • USS™’s Secure Storage Module is the core of the Personal Security Network™ security platform - designed from the ground up to share information among a network of family, friends, and co-workers.

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See Actual System Demo Below: